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Calibration Service

When was the last time you had your NOVA meter calibrated?

Calibration Cartoon

To be honest, our instruments are so dependable many users never think of it. And it’s good to know that so many DPM users have that sort of confidence; year in, year out. Still many companies must now comply with tighter regulatory rules or strict quality assurance guidelines that may require regular bi-annual or even annual calibration certification. We can help.

Satisfy your QA/regulatory requirements with routine calibration certification from NOVA Technology Corporation. We verify your DPM9003 intrument’s output to NIST standards and certify that it meets factory calibration specifications.

Call NOVA today and be ready the next time someone asks: “when was the last time you had your DPM calibrated?”

Please contact NOVA for more details and pricing.

1-800-DPM-NOVA (1-800-376-6682) - email

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