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Visual Analysis Made Easy...
The new XPRT software for Windows 98/2000/XP makes collecting data with the DPM 9003 more efficient than ever. A user-friendly interface combined with real-time data collection makes it easy to compile databases of information about products. Use the data to create charts and graphs making information easily presentable.

By graphing and recording readings through continuous measurement, XPRT provides more information than a static reading, displaying the rate of change of skin hydration along with the change. This method of testing is more sensitive as it can detect differences in a product's performance that do not show up in the static method of testing.

XPRT utilizes two graphs to display the DPM measurement and the rate of change in real-time data collection. The Summary and Analysis sections instantly presents sampling information as it is collected.

The DPM unit and slope graphs visually display multiple samples with an option to use various colors to differentiate among the samples taken. This makes the resulting visual presentation clearer and easier for comparison. The graph scales, logging rate, and sampling time may be adjusted anytime whether it is before or after a sample session is conducted.

Data Management
XPRT eliminates the time and potential error involved in manual data collection by immediately recording results taken directly from the DPM 9003 instrument. A status bar prompts when the DPM 9003 is ready to use, as it samples, and whenever sampling is finished. An analysis section on the main window displays the final readings of a sample. These readings include DPM units, rise time, slope, and peak slope. Data are automatically saved in a log file, which is converted into an Excel spreadsheet with appropriately labeled columns.

Benefits and Applications
When using XPRT, researchers can collect data in less time than with other methods. Low sampling times reduce clinical costs and are important tools for researchers in various end-use applications such as personal care, wound healing, neonatology, and geriatric research.


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