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Wound Healing Research

Non-invasive technology has proven to be a necessary tool to aid researchers involved in studying burns and wounds. Wound healing is one of the more difficult conditions to monitor as there is often substantial pain associated with a wound, in particular if the wound is a burn. Similar challenges exist where skin grafts are involved, whether the patient is being treated using autologous skin or synthetic skin products. Monitoring treatment response with a biopsy procedure presents obstacles due to the re-injury of the wound. This increases the patient's risk of further complications or infections, as well as introducing a confounding effect to the clinical trial.

DPM impedance technology provides an effective method for obtaining objective data without causing discomfort to the patient through non-invasive instrument monitoring of the healing of damaged tissue. NOVA also offers single subject/disposable probe tips to eliminate any danger of infection or cross- contamination between subjects.

NOVA instrumentation enables researchers to analyze re-epithialization during research studies of wound care. Researchers can non-invasively measure barrier function development over time, which directly reflects to the re-epithelialization of the skin. For additional information, please contact NOVA at inform@novatechcorp.com.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.