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Raw Materials Development & Evaluation

Manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products now look for proven efficacy and superiority from the formulations of their suppliers. As a result, there is enormous pressure on suppliers to continually develop new products and innovative formulas. With research and development playing such an important role, companies need a way to efficiently manage the time and costs involved in bringing a new product to market effectively.

Developing a product that fails to meet expectations is a frustrating and aggravating experience that costs the company time and money. NOVA instrumentation and software enables constant monitoring of the effects of new formulations as they are developed over time, thereby reducing the chances of formulation setbacks or miscalculation.


The best way to develop effective claims about a product is to know its short-term and long-term effects on the skin. Using the NOVA system throughout the development stage of a product provides an excellent and efficient way to manage a database documenting product development. The instrument may be used for claims validation and evaluation of product effectiveness as well.


NOVA instrumentation and software also benefits the marketing and sales department. Use the data to create colorful graphs and charts that demonstrate the benefits of the new product on the skin. The marketing and sales team will love these tools when explaining the superiority of your products to your customers. For additional information, please contact NOVA at

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.