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Purchasing, Renting, and Leasing

By its very nature, technology is characterized by rapid development and continuous innovation. For companies and researchers to remain competitive by keeping up with these technological advancements, frequent purchasing of new products and equipment becomes a tedious and arduous task, especially when faced with stringent capital budget requirements. To address these concerns for better accommodation of customers needs, NOVA now makes certain products available for rent or lease.


If interested in purchasing an instrument, probe, or accessories, please contact NOVA for pricing, quotations, and/or any other questions. Volume discounts are available. NOVA accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. When you pay by credit card, NOVA extends a 5% green and sustainability cash discount for paper reduction.


Order and receive equipment immediately while avoiding the capital budget approval process when purchasing a NOVA instrument package. Leasing is a positive alternative to the capital budgeting process, enabling the cost of the new product/equipment to be expensed over a designated period of time. Payment can be managed over time in low monthly installments.


All NOVA products and accessories are backed by a "No Questions Asked" warranty. If your equipment is not functioning properly, please contact NOVA by phone or email. If we are unable to get it working again after technical consultation, return it to NOVA and we will replace it immediately.

We are able to extend such an offer because we have high confidence in the integrity of our products. You benefit from our confidence by not having to worry about the servicing of your NOVA equipment.

Please note that any instrument or accessory that has been tampered with by a customer is not covered under this warranty and will be subject to a $500 minimum service fee, excluding charges for any repairs made to the device.