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NOVA offers the only instrumentation that allows you to choose a sensor size to suit your particular testing needs. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes of probes, and all sensors can be ordered with an extended tip. In addition, custom designed sensors are available upon request.

DPM 9103 Standard Sensor Probe

Outer Ring Diameter: 8.76mm, Inner Ring Diameter: 4.34mm, Length: 113.41mm
The DPM 9103 sensor probe comes with every DPM package. It is used on larger surface areas like the volar surface of the arm, face, back, etc.

standard probe

DPM 9105 “6mm” Sensor Probe (no picture available)

Outer Ring Diameter: 5.08mm, Inner Ring Diameter: 2.54mm, Length: 117.48mm
Also a popular item, this probe is used on smaller surface areas of the skin.

DPM 9107 Sensor Probe

Outer Ring Diameter: 3.81mm, Inner Ring Diameter: 1.52mm, Length: 130.18mm
This probe is approximately 4mm in diameter. Use for scalp, small animal testing, and in medical research studies.
The DPM 9107 is sold separately, but can be included in packages, as an add-on, upon request.

4mm probe

DPM 9111 Individual Use/Disposable Sensor Probes

These tips are ideal for use when taking multi-subject readings at sites where contamination might occur, such as lips and for the perimeter surfaces of wounds. Assigning a tip to each site and/or subject prevents the spreading of bacteria or disease. The tips can be sterilized with ethylene oxide or discarded after a reading has been taken.

Probe Tips are available in any size and can be used with the same handle. The product is available by special order.

disposable probe

Custom Probes

The DPM 9123X probe was designed for clinical studies involving casts, diapers, and bandages. Additional areas of research related to antiperspirants, adhesives, hair systems, and decubitus ulcers have used custom probes such as the DPM 9123X Sensor Probe for data collection. Custom probes are available by special order.

custom probe

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