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Occlusive Product Evaluation

Occlusive products can be ingredients such as petrolatum, or formulations that combine an occlusive ingredient with emulsive ingredients. Occlusive products act differently than emulsion products. Rather than bringing water into the skin, they create a barrier, and are absorbed into the skin as moisture rises to the surface. They provide a "self-moisturizing" effect on the skin.

Initially, an occlusive product such as a petroleum jelly can create a barrier on the surface of the skin that inhibits DPM measurement. This will result in below-baseline readings that, over time, rise and surpass the untreated control. Though occlusive products and ingredients do not exhibit the extreme hydration levels of the emulsion products, their effects may last longer. Many formulations contain a combination of both.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing has proven to be a highly effective way to evaluate and compare occlusive products. This method enables the researcher to see change as well as the rate of change in the formulations as a result of the twenty or thirty second occlusion of the sensor probe to the skin. This approach often provides the researcher with more information than a static reading. For additional information, please contact NOVA at

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.