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Dermatological Research

DPM impedance technology has been used extensively in dermatological research for many years. Initially researchers limited their activities to the measurement of skin hydration, in particular, after the application of a topical moisturizer or crème to the skin.

Over the course of time, research has expanded into areas such as evaluation of the effectiveness of active ingredients with different vehicles to optimize the impact on the skin, as well as assessing the deleterious effect to the skin of surfactants in soaps and detergents. In addition, the capability to conduct non-invasive skin research has proved extremely beneficial to researchers studying diseases like psoriasis or skin conditions that arise from post-surgery or chemical treatments.

Use of NOVA instrumentation has proved extremely useful for dermatological researchers involved in studying changes in the skin, especially in determining the healing rate of skin after plastic or laser surgeries. NOVA has specifically designed a new line of disposable probes with various diameter tips for evaluation of small areas of skin. For additional information, please contact NOVA at

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.