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Lotioning skin

Cream and Lotion Evaluation

In the highly competitive personal care industry, there is enormous pressure on companies to develop new products and innovative formulations. With research and development playing such a vital role in this market, companies need a way to efficiently manage the data, as well as the time and costs involved in bringing a product to market successfully.

Many users have relied on NOVA's non-invasive technology for cream and lotion evaluation studies. Personal care companies have used this technology to evaluate the effectiveness of their products, to validate claims, and to compare the effectiveness of their products to those of competitors.

To ensure uniformity, studies are usually conducted using the volar surface of the forearm. Other areas of interest for testing include the face, back, legs and lips. In addition to the standard probes, NOVA has designed a variety of disposable and reuseable sensor probe tips for use in areas that are more difficult to reach or measure. For additional information, please contact NOVA at

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.